Amanda Poch

In March 2006, Amanda Poch was rushed to hospital extremely ill. Her liver had almost failed completely with just 5% function. The Port Moody woman was only 26 years old but had been battling an autoimmune condition that was slowly destroying her liver. She was not yet on the transplant list but as she fought for her life, her medical team rushed to get her listed. Because of her age and the severity of the disease, Amanda was considered top priority to receive an organ.

Eleven days later, just hours away from death, Amanda received a new liver and another chance at life. She immediately felt great, her colour returned to normal, she even got back the freckles she had lost while she was sick. Exactly one month after being admitted, Amanda was able to go home.

Now at the age of 35, she enjoys spending time with loved ones, going to live shows and the theatre. “The only reason I am here today is because of the generosity of the organ donor, BC Transplant and the research efforts of the Canadian Liver Foundation and the Transplant Research Foundation of BC.”

In her spare time, Amanda gives back to some of the organizations that have made a difference in her life. She volunteers with BC Transplant and sits on the board of the TRF. She is a passionate supporter of new research that will help improve the lives of those who are post-transplant. “This is no easy ongoing road,” according to Amanda, “Research has taken us so far in the world of transplantation and it will continue to increase the quality of life for those who have been transplanted and those who are waiting.”