Our Story

Every year more than 400 British Columbians receive the ultimate gift – a second chance at life. However, due to the complexity of organ transplantation patients are living on borrowed time. The care of recipients is considered one of the most complex and challenging fields of modern medicine.

The Transplant Research Foundation of BC (TRF) wants to change the story. We are dedicated to supporting innovative transplantation research to benefit the lives of organ recipients. Each year the TRF provides funding to BC scientists through the Venture Grant program and our National Research Partnerships. We are looking for researchers who are exploring new areas of science and medicine that will ultimately improve the lives of pre and post transplant patients.

Our Mission: To support innovative, patient-centered organ donation and transplant research that will provide solutions to benefit those whose lives are threatened by organ failure.

Our Vision: Leading edge research, new treatments and novel technologies that will ultimately eliminate the waiting list and make transplant a cure.

Originally founded as the BC Transplant Research Foundation, the TRF was established in 1992 with funding and administrative support provided by the BC Transplant Society (BCT). We are the only charitable foundation in Canada dedicated solely to funding peer-reviewed transplantation research.