Mr. Murray Wilson joined the TRF in 2015. In addition to being a most grateful recipient of a liver transplant, he is also a farmer, engineer and a corporate & government investment banker. Much of his career has involved dual appointments in Canada and the UK with various global executive responsibilities. He has held senior executive positions in energy, mining, technology and music industries including, Royal Bank of Canada Group and TD Securities. He has been actively involved in a number of not-for-profits. Currently, he serves on the Advisory Board – City Music for Berklee College of Music, Boston, and was Chair of the Governance Committee for Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation. Since his own liver transplant Mr. Wilson has become increasingly involved as a technical layman in the science of transplant medical research and practice in both Canada and the UK.


Dr. McMaster is affiliated with the Department of Medical Genetics at the University of British Columbia and is currently the Vice Dean of Research, Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. He is also the former Executive Director of the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute.
He received a Bachelor and Master of Science from the University of British Columbia (UBC) that was followed by a D.Phil. from the University of Oxford. His research interests are in the areas of molecular immunology, parasitology and transplant immunology and is co-lead on a multi-million initiative “Biomarkers in Transplantation” with funding from Genome Canada/Genome BC and the Prevention for Organ Failure (PROOF) Center of Excellence Centre. He is actively involved with national and international granting agencies including the World Health Organization, Canadian Institutes of Health Research where he serves as the as Scientific Officer for the Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Peer Review Grant Committee, and the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, having served as Chair of the Research Advisory Council. Dr. McMaster is a Professor in the Department of Medical Genetics and was Head of the Department, 2000-2010. He is a member of the Executive Management Team of the BC Clinical Research Infrastructure Network and a member of the BC Health Research Council.


Dr. Mui obtained her PhD from the University of British Columbia in 1991, and is currently a faculty member in the Department of Surgery, UBC. She is also a member of Transplantation Immunology Group in the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute. Her lab focuses on understanding the intracellular pathways that regulate immune cell function, and translating that knowledge to therapeutics that can be used to treat inappropriate activation of the immune system (such as in organ transplantation). Work from her lab has led to development of an anti-inflammatory drug that is currently in clinical trials in humans.


Elaine is, first and foremost, mother to Charlie and Addison, a heart transplant warrior. Addison was the first infant to receive a heart transplant at BC Children’s Hospital in 2011. Elaine and her family are dedicated supporters of transplant research and launched the Addison Fund for Pediatric Transplant Research in 2013.

During the day, she is a healthcare communications professional. Prior to communications, she was an award-winning reporter, producer, and anchor in television newsrooms across the country for more than two decades.

Elaine is also a patient partner with the CDTRP and various transplant research projects, and an organ donation awareness advocate and volunteer with BC Transplant.


Lori joined the board in 2008, six months after her husband Tom Bradley received a liver transplant, and has been Chair since January, 2013.
Born and raised in Winnipeg, Lori and Tom have lived in Vancouver since 1991. A lawyer by training, Lori retired from the practice of law in 1998 to pursue academic studies. Since receiving her Masters of Law from UBC in 2002, Lori has devoted her time to a variety of projects including teaching in the Faculty of Law and working with Tom to build their firm Steadyhand Investment Funds. Prior to joining the board of TRF, Lori was a longtime member of the board of The Children’s Hearing and Speech Centre of BC, serving as Chair from 2003 to 2006.
Lori’s motivation in joining TRF was to ‘give back’ to BCT in recognition of the wonderful care and support she and Tom received through their difficult transplant journey. Since that time, she has come to realize (first hand) the difference research makes to the lives of transplant recipients, and has become committed to the work TRF does in supporting the development of new knowledge about transplant and the research community here in BC.
In her spare time, Lori enjoys reading, gardening, golfing and trying to keep up with Tom in various athletic pursuits including skiing (snow and water)!

Ed - bio pic for webA

Edward Ferre joined BC Transplant over 20 years ago as an Organ Donation Specialist and has held several clinical and administrative roles in the organization. He has served on several national and international committees, councils and boards including: The Canadian Association of Transplantation (President); Canadian Blood Service’s National Liaison Committee representing Organ Donation and Transplantation; and was appointed to the Canadian Council for Donation and Transplantation. Originally from the prairies, Ed came to British Columbia in 1987 to study Applied Physiology and has remained in BC ever since. He completed an MBA in 2008 and in 2012 was awarded the credentials of French Wine Scholar.


Doug Copland is a partner in the Vancouver office of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP.  As a lifelong resident of Vancouver, which is one of the most fortunate things one can be in this world, Doug believes in contributing to the community. Therefore, he enthusiastically jumped at the chance to join the TRF Board.  Doug and his wife live in Point Grey, have three children between them, and enjoy sports, walking with their dog at Spanish Bank (especially at low tide), music, and enjoying food and wine with friends and family.


Sandy joined the TRF Board in 2017, becoming the new Treasurer. She is a born Vancouverite and proud Canadian. Her educational background is in accounting and business – holding a Bachelor Commerce from UBC. But, raising 3 sons (2 with health issues) kept her from practising on a professional level after 1986. Sandy spent the years from 1989 – 2010 volunteering on various school committees – usually as Treasurer but several years as PAC Chair. In addition, she was the Registrar for Minor Hockey at the Arbutus Club for several years before she spent 4 years on their Board of Directors and house committees. As her sons attained independence she accepted a position as Board Treasurer for The ONETOONE Literacy Society in 2011 and still continues in that role.

Transplantation is very near to Sandy. In 1998 at age 12, Sandy’s oldest son was diagnosed with Alport’s Syndrome – a genetic x-linked recessive disorder affecting vision, hearing and kidney function. The condition is progressive and in combination with Type 1 Diabetes, the kidneys declined to the point of dialysis or transplant in 2006. Fortunately a selfless relative was a match for a successful transplant. Both donor and recipient recovered well to live full, active lives. Sandy’s youngest son, saddled with the same genetic disorder, received a kidney from his father Peter in 2015, nine years to the day after his eldest brother. They too both live active, busy lives after a brief period of recovery. Miraculous!

When Sandy was approached by Board Chair, Lori Lothian, through a mutual friend in Winnipeg there was no question that she would want to give back and contribute her skills – including expertise in 50/50 ticket sales – to the TRF. Remaining hours in the day are spent with family and friends, biking, cooking, playing tennis, gardening, yoga, recreational bridge and quilting!


Todd Hauptman is the public affairs director at the Trial Lawyers Association of BC. His career has focused on advocacy, strategic communications and media relations. Todd has worked in various sectors including non-profit, technology and government. His advocacy efforts began young and he was recognized as the youngest Canadian to receive a Queen’s Jubilee Medal.

Todd received a kidney transplant from his friend Tanya on March 31, 2010, after three years on dialysis. Todd is committed to advancing transplant care and research to help the transplant patients of tomorrow.


Reema is a highly respected Financial Services Business leader with over twenty years of experience in optimizing payment solutions, building trusted relationships, and improving cash flow for optimal working capital solutions. She is a self-directed strategic thinker who is known for her thoughtful leadership and is committed to integrity and continuous learning.

In 2018, Reema donated her kidney to her sister Binn and is an active ambassador for organ donation awareness and transplant research.

For Reema, research represents the future and all that is possible. She believes research is vital to reach beyond our current state, ultimately improving the organ donation and transplant journey for patients and donors.

In her spare time, Reema enjoys spending time with her two teenage daughters, cooking, hiking and is always up for an impromptu adventure!