Miranda – The Chance to See My Son Grow Up

Living with cystic fibrosis meant a life in and out of hospitals for Miranda Frigon, a young mother whose radiant smile fills every room. Day-to-day tasks were a huge struggle. Decreasing lung function meant Miranda’s ability to enjoy time with her son was significantly affected. Two years ago, that all changed when Miranda received a double lung transplant. New lungs have enabled Miranda to hike, travel, snowboard and go back to school. Most importantly, they have given her the chance to spend quality time with her son and watch him grow up.

Miranda acknowledges there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding organ donation and transplantation, “Some people think that organ donation does not work but I’m living proof it does work. Life as a transplant patient isn’t always easy. It still requires a lot of day-to-day care and doctor follow-ups, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world”.

Miranda hopes one day she and other transplant patients won’t have to take as much daily medication. She knows it is essential to survive, but the anti-rejection drugs are potent and come with many side effects.  Less, or even no, medication would lead to a better quality of life post transplant.

For now, Miranda is embracing her second chance at life and is full of gratitude for everyone who helped her get to this point, “I feel truly blessed and honoured and I’ll be forever grateful to my donor, their family and to all the nurses, my amazing transplant team, and my surgeon”.

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