Breathing New Life

How Lung Transplant Turned a Dream of Fatherhood into Reality

For Nick Kanaan a double lung transplant was not only lifesaving but also life-changing.

A Mother’s Love

Growing up with a life-limiting illness did not stop 30-year-old Ali from dreaming big. Becoming a mother was one aspiration that Ali held close to

A Perfect Match

As a young couple, Niilo Edwards and Rachael Durie have endured more adversity than most people their age. After nearly a decade of marriage, they

The Gift of Time

Transplantation means different things to different people. For Michel Grandbois, it meant over two decades of living and making memories with his family, and

A Life Reimagined

The transplanting of an organ is a complex undertaking, where the generous and selfless decision of one individual and family has the potential to transform