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2023 Vancouver Coastal Health Team Grant Award

Dr. Sarvee Moosavi – Utility of esophageal function assessment in predicting risk of lung allograft dysfunction in lung transplant recipients – A single- center, prospective study

Dr. Sarvee Moosavi

Lung allograft dysfunction is a major complication after lung transplantation, which can occur at various times following surgery, either as chronic or acute rejection. Chronic lung allograft dysfunction is a leading cause of morality beyond the first-year post-transplant. Gastroesophageal reflux and aspiration- induced lung injury have been recognized as a potential trigger for both acute and chronic lung allograft dysfunction and poor outcome.

Dr. Moosavi’s research team will look at the role of esophageal function assessment before and after lung transplantation to create a predictive model of lung dysfunction.

The finding of this study will help guide patient-specific treatment plans to reduce lung injury, including pharmacologic options as well as surgical anti-reflux intervention, which can be performed simultaneously during the lung transplant surgery.