Transplant Research Foundation of BC/
CDTRP Venture Grants

The primary goal of the Transplant Research Foundation of BC (TRF) is to fund innovative research in transplantation through our Venture Grant Program. This annual program provides seed funding to support research that will improve the lives of transplant patients and those who are facing organ failure.

2021 marks a new chapter for our Venture Grant Program. After more than a decade since the program’s inception, TRF is embarking on a new partnership with the Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program (CDTRP). As part of this new union, our existing Venture Grant Program will merge with the CDTRP’s Research Innovation Grant competition, furthering our commitment to BC based scientists conducting solid organ donation and transplant (ODT) research in our province. This move propels us to the next level and affords our local researchers enhanced collaborative opportunities on a national level in the ODT research community!

TRF will fund up to two of these newly created grants entitled the Transplant Research Foundation of BC/CDTRP Venture Grants. In addition, the Addison Fund for Pediatric Transplant Research will fund up to one grant dedicated to pediatric transplant research.

This collaboration aligns with TRF’s patient-oriented research initiative and strengthens our ability to meaningfully engage patient and family partners (PFP) in our funded research projects. Patient and family engagement is a strategic element of the Transplant Research Foundation of BC/CDTRP Venture Grants, with all applicants being required to complete a Patient Engagement Plan articulating how their project intends to incorporate the PFP lens.

Through our projects, we hope to increase knowledge and understanding of solid organ transplantation in Canada, and support high quality research that informs Canadian public health policy and harnesses the power of lived experience.

Together we will make transplant a cure.

For more information and to apply for one these grants visit: