The Most Priceless Gift

What comes to mind when you think of the most precious gift you have ever received? Do you think of the necklace you got when you graduated from university? Perhaps it is the amazing trip your husband gifted you on your 25th Anniversary. Or just maybe it is that irreplaceable stuffed animal you cherished as a small child. Whatever it is, you no doubt hold it close.

For transplant patients that question has even more significant meaning. Ask them and the answer will undoubtedly be that new organ, an incredible second chance at life. It is a gift no amount of money can buy, a priceless gift of life. Many transplant patients spend their lives prior to transplant slowly dying, knowing their very existence depends on the selfless act of organ donation.

While they embrace their new life post-transplant with vigor, planning for a future and chasing their dreams, they also deal with their new reality. Transplant patients are required to take potent medication that helps prevent their body from rejecting their new organ. These toxic drugs come with a significant price – terrible, even deadly, side effects. Patients must also undergo painful, invasive testing to monitor organ function. Transplanted organs generally do not last a recipient’s lifetime. Transplantation is not a cure. At least, not yet. That why we need transplant research.

Join us this month as we share inspirational and heart warming stories of transplant recipients Jordan, Abby, Cody and Miranda. They have all received the gift of life and will tell you what that gift means to them!

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