The ultimate gift is one you can’t buy.

Christmas is many things to many people…it can be presents for the kids, a big fat turkey dinner, trimming a tree, marking a religious event. But for someone who has had a transplant, I think the magic of Christmas is simply being here to celebrate one more special milestone with family and friends. When you are struggling with an illness or chronic condition which is fatal, and awaiting transplant, it is nearly impossible to think about the future. Instead, any thoughts about the future are usually limited to, “Will I still be here to…walk my child to her first day of kindergarten, celebrate another birthday, spend one more Christmas with my family???”

The transplant journey isn’t an easy one. The side effects from medications, complications post-transplant, failure of the transplanted organ and other chronic health issues mean constant return visits to the transplant clinic, regular blood work, and often hospitalizations. There is that constant feeling of living on borrowed time.

Yet at the same time, there is so much hope. So much joy in waking up to a new day each morning. So much love in creating more memories with family. Those are precious gifts which can’t be bought. For that we owe our most heartfelt thanks to our donor families, and to research.

At the TRF, our biggest Christmas wish is to make transplant a cure so there are so many more Christmases ahead for all transplant recipients. Thanks to all of  generous supporters who are helping us get there, one transplant research project at a time. If transplant has touched your life somehow, please give generously to get us one step closer to our goal. Together we can make transplant a cure.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!